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20th Anniversary of the Shimanami Kaido
The most famous cycling road in Japan
FAQ of the Shimanami Kaido 70km Cycling

Even for the first time for a bicycle trip, for women alone, you can enjoy cycling in yourself in "Shimanami Kaido". Recommended sightseeing information, distance and duration, convenient bicycle rental system, general cycling plan. The Guesthouse "Namito Minato" staff, also local bicycle travel guides, will introduce how to enjoy the Shimanami Kaido cycling. You might have a lot of questions, so let me give you some helpful tips for cycling the Shimanami Kaido.



Guesthouse with a view of the sea

Cyclo cafe & book Hostel NAMITO MINATO

The NAMITO MINATO is bicycle tourists friendly guesthouse with a view of the Seto Inland Sea. It's located at the entrance of the Shimanami Kaido. You will have "freedom" experiece and find real life of small fishermans villages in the countryside of Japan.



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1. Introduction

Q. What is the Shimanami Kaido? 


  • The most famous bicycle touring area in Japan

  • 80km island hopping cycling-road across the inland sea

  • Roads organized for cycling, convenient rental bike service




The Shimanami Kaido is the most famous bikeway in Japan. It consists of 6 islands and 6 bridges from Imabari city to Onomichi city acress the Setouchi inland sea. "Shimanami" means "range of the islands (mountains)" and "Kaido" means "roads of sea" , so it is good expression of the feature of this place. 


The bridges have designated cycling path separated from the highway, and the roads perfectly organized for bike touring. For example, the "blue color line" on the road will lead you to where you want to go, so just follow it. There are not only the blue line but also map signboards on every recommended road of the Shimanami Kaido. 




Of courese visitors can hire bicycles, including sporty bikes, at both Imabari city (Ehime Pref.) and Onomichi city (Hiroshima Pref.). After the trip, you can return them at several bike terminals along the path.


しまなみ海道初心者サイクリングのイメージ写真1 しまなみ海道初心者サイクリングのイメージ写真2 しまなみ海道初心者サイクリングのイメージ写真3

Shimanami Kaido Cycling


This cycling road, the Shimanami Kaido has been selected by CNN as one of the "7 best bike routes in the world" (2015). Wonderfully scenic islands, calm sea and magnificent bridges attract visitors from all over the world.





Q. Is it OK for the beginners? 


  • The cycling road easy for beginners

  • Covenient rental bike services

  • The blue lines and the Cycle Oasises


The Shimanami Kaido has lots of services that you can enjoy cycling safely even if you are a beginner. Until a few years ago, mostly people who have a cycling hobby (not a beginner) used to come the Shimanami Kaido. But here has been progressing development in recent years. So it's getting easier and more convenient for a beginner. It's very popular style to use the public rental bike that you can rent and return it in any islands.



13 places of the rental bike terminal


We recommend to use the public rental bike which you can rent and return anywhere on the way! So there are free ways to use it such as "You rent a bike in Imabari and return it in Onomichi" or "return a bike on an island in the middle and move by bus afterward" or "If you want to go around only one island, you can. It's recommended to use this bike rental has a good service. You will find out more about how to rent a bike in a later chapter.


In addition, on the "Shimanami Kaido" cycling route, there is a blue induction line <Blue Line> on the road. It indicates the distance and direction to the destination, so there is no need to worry about getting lost. Signs and maps are set up at some junctions where are easy to get lost.



The blue lines and the Cycle Oasises


Cyclists often ask us "Do you easily find any toilets on the way? ", actually you can use the toilets at a rest area called "Cycle Oasis" where locals volunteer other than public toilets or convenience stores. There're about 100 Cycle Oasis in this area! A lot of local restaurants, farmers and accommodations do that. Depending on the Cycle Oasis, you can have a free water and use a pump!



In the case of troubles such as "the bike condition is strange" or "you have a flat tire", some local auto-repair-shops which belong to the volunteer group called "To-so Resque" will support you! If you have any trouble with your rental bike, please contact a rental bike terminal at first. They've been progressing development a system for troubleshooting in case of an emergency.







2. Planning・Preparation

Q. 1 day trip is enough or not? For the Shimanami kaido Cycling 


  • 70~80km on the shortest route from Imabari to Onomichi

  • 10km in 1 hour for beginners

  • 2~3 days trip is good if you across


70 to 80km is the total distance of the main route of the Shimanami Kaido. There are some ups and downs depending on the cycling route of each island. You need to climb up the slope at each bridge, but luckily, it is designed to be gentle enough to go up.



Average speed for rental bike rider (beginner) : 10 km / hour


We recommend that you spend at least more than 2 days to enjoy both cycling and amazing scenery without worrying about time, distance and speed.



✔Recommended Plan ①

2 days trip across the Shimanami Kaido


しまなみ海道女子旅サイクリングのおすすめプランその1 1泊2日のサイクリングで余裕をもった計画を

If your purpose is not simply "riding", it's recommended that "acrossing 2 days or more" rather than one day. Not only the main cycling route but also the sub routes (island explore routes) are maintained as cycling course on each island in the Shimanami Kaido. The scenery of the sub route is also wonderful in Shimanami Kaido. Many bicycle travelers stay overnight at Omishima island or Ikuchijima island, just the middle point.



✔Recommended Plan ②

Start without deciding on the goal point



Even if your schedule is only one day, you can enjoy Shimanami Kaido cycling easily. How about starting from Imabari without deciding on the finish point, and finally getting on the bus or ferry for the Onomichi? Some rental bike terminals in the Shimanami Kaido are close to bus stops and ferry ports. You can change the plan flexibly while actually riding.



<Actual  3 itineraries>

Plan A: 2 days: Get a bicycle at JR Imabari Station and enjoy riding the Imabari city area. One night stay at Guesthouse "Namito Minato" →  Day 1: Shimanami cycling first half 40km. Staying at Guesthouse "Ohana". → Day 2: 40km in the second half of Shimanami Kaido cycling. Goal at JR Onomichi Station !

Plan B: 1 day: Stay at Guesthouse "Namito Minato" →  Get the bike at "Sunrise Itoyama" rental bike terminal. And start Shimanami Kaido 45~50km cycling. → Finish cycling at 4th island, Ikuchijima island. Return the bike at Setoda rental bike terminal. → Get on the ferry from Setoda port to Onomichi port.

Plan C: From Onomichi: Get a bicycle at Onomichi port, close to JR Onomichi station. → Day 1: 30km riding on the Shimanami Kaido → Stay one night at "Private Hostel Setoda" on Ikuchijima island → Day2: 50km riding from Ikuchijima to the Guesthouse "Namito Minato".  Spend the day relaxing with the view of calm ocean.






Q. When is the best season to ride? 


  • Warm climate where you can enjoy cycling all year round

  • Various attractions depending on the season

  • You should check sunset time especially in winter


The Seto Inland Sea, where the Shimanami Kaido spans, is a relatively warm climate area throughout the year. Even in winter there is almost no snowfall. Many cyclists visit the Shimanami Kaido, especially in spring and fall, when temperatures are comfortable. 



The best season of citrus is winter, but day time is showter


The famous agricultural products around here are lemon, orange and citrus. Citrus flowers are blooming in May, and you can enjoy the jasmine-like aroma throughout the island. And the best season of citrus is winter, from December to early May. If you want to enjoy various kinds of citrus, you should come this season.


<Cycling in Summer>
Advantage:As the daytime is long from May to September, the cycling time will increase and you can make a plan with room for adjustment.
Disadvantage:Because there are few places with roofs, you must ensure heatstroke and sunburn protection.


<Cycling in Winter>
Advantage:The scenery of the islands is wonderful because the air is crisp and clear in winter.
Disadvantage:You should check the sunset time in advance, as there are few outside lights. Riding after sunset is dangerous.






Q. What dress is the best in the Shimanami Kaido? 


  • It's fine that you don't put on a serious bicycle wear

  • Let's put on Sporty & Casual wear !

  • You really should wear a helmet


It's of course important to put on moveable clothing for comfortable and safe cycling on the Shimanami Kaido. I think you don't have to buy a serious bicycle wear, Sporty & Casual wear is enough.



The springy clothes of the Shimanami Kaido cyclists: April


You can get a helmet with a bike for the Shimanami Kaido cycling. You should really wear a helmet for safety. In addition, sports bicycles have exposed gear and chains, so please be careful not to wound in the hem of long pants. It's safer to use a hem band for cycling or wear something like spats.


<Summer clothes>
The cycling wear which has quick-drying material is better than cotton one. You should bring a sun cream. Short pants or tank tops are not good.


<Autumn ~ Spring clothes>
Wearing Heat-retaining or highly breathable material is the best. Let's choose the inner according to the weather and temperature. The jacket is no need because you'll be sweaty.


<Useful stuffs>

Saddle covers:that can be used for a saddle. You can get it at bicycle stores or on the internet. It Reduces buttock pain from long rides. It is cheaper than cycle pants.

Groves for cyclingIt reduces hand pain from long rides. Something has a pad or thick one on the palm side is good.  Let's wear a long covering to your wrist to avoid sunburn.

Chuck type's plastic bagFor waterproofing measures of a phone or wallet.






Q. How to hire the rental bikes in the Shimanami kaido? 


  • Recommend the public rental bike

  • Sport comfort bike which can easily climb slope is good

  • You can rent it for about 1,000 Yen per a day


The public rental bike can be abandoned at 13 terminals in the Shimanami Kaido. You can enjoy cycling according to your physical strength. To make it easier to over hills, Sport bikes called a Cross bike and a Mountain bike with multiple transmission gears are much better than City bikes which is called Momachari, They're recommended for even beginners.



The public rental bike is useful at reasonable price


The public rental bike can be hired for about 1,000 Yen per a day. In addition, you need to pay 1,000 Yen for the deposit. It's refunded only if you return it to the same terminal or terminal within the same island. In other words, it's like "The deposit = Bike abandoned charge".



13 rental bike terminals in the Shimanami Kaido


Usually you can have a reservation for a rental bike except in the busy season or in an event day. There is a limited number of pre-reserved bikes, so basically It's a system to get on a first-come, first-served basis. If you want to reserve for it in Imabari, Ehime side, please call to the Rental bike Terminal "Sunrise Itoyama". And If you want to do it in Onomichi, Hiroshima side, please call to "Shinamimi Japan".


【Imabari】Sunrise Itoyama

2-8-1 Sunaba-cho, Imabari, Ehime 
TEL 0898-41-3196  

【Onomichi】Shimanami Japan

11-9 Higashigosho-cho, Onomichi,Hiroshima
TEL 0848-22-3911


In addition, you can also rent an electric bike depending on the terminal. But there is a restriction such as "you can not abandon it" and also "within 6 hours due to the battery". For example, it can be used as you go cycling to Oshima from the Sunrise Itoyama for a couple hours.



How to get to Sunrise Itoyama from our hostel, Namito Minato


The guesthouse "Namito Minato" is close to the entrance of the Shimanami Kaido and also to the Central Rental bike Terminal "Sunrise Itoyama". It's convenient because the bus runs about once a hour. It's also recommended that you enjoy the trip on the Cruise from Hashihama Port to Umajima island! You can go up to the bridge by elevator from Umajima island.


<2 options to hire the bikes from Namito Minato: Imabari side>

A Central rental bike terminal "Sunrise Itoyama" 5 min Bus and 10 min walk from Namito Minato ・Many types and numbers of bikes
・Close to first bridge
B JR Imabari station temporary rental bike terminal 40 min Bike from JR Imabari station to Namito Minato ・You can enjoy Imabari city
・Close to JR station


<2 options to hire the bikes at Onomichi city: Hiroshima side>

 Teminal (or shop)AccessAdvantage
A Onomichi port rental bike terminal 5 min walk from JR Onomichi station ・Many types and numbers of bikes
・Close to JR station


Bike shop「Red Bicycles Onomichi」※ 10 min walk from JR Onomichi station ・Reasonable price but good roadbikes

※You can not drop it at Imabari side.






Q. Which route is the best for cycling beginners? 


  • We've made a cycling route map for beginners

  • Beware of the advanced routes which is a lot of climes.

  • The map of paper is convenient for the plan!


The shortest cycling route called "main route" and some other routes of each islands are provided. Even if you are a beginner and if it is a two-days trip, I think it is possible to extend the route. I mean not only on the main route. But you must check the routes in advance because it maybe an advanced route which is a lot of climes on it. We've made a cycling map that is for beginners.


おすすめルート 初めてでも走りやすいオススメのルートを厳選。この中から実際に走るところを選ぶといいと思います。
立寄り・絶景 オススメの立寄りスポットや絶景ポイント。しまなみ海道を大満喫できるはずですよ。
ランチ・カフェ オススメのお昼ご飯&喫茶のスポット。美味しくて雰囲気がいい所をピックアップしています。
宿泊施設 オススメの民宿やゲストハウス。女性一人でも泊まりやすい宿泊施設を選んでいます。
レンタサイクル しまなみ海道の公共レンタサイクルターミナル。どこでも自転車を借りたり返したりできます。
公衆トイレ 道の駅や商店などがあまり無いエリアにある公園内のお手洗いをピックアップ。




スマートフォンの「Googleマップ」アプリで表示すると便利です。今、このページを見ているブラウザ(Google Chromeなど)とGoogleマップにて、同じGoogleアカウントでログインしている必要があります。

 ④.マイプレイス > 地図 > しまなみ海道サイクリングおすすめルートマップ

  詳しい使い方はこちら ≫  







3. Accommodations・Luggage transfer

Q. Which hostels are good for cyclists? 


  • 島にもゲストハウスが続々と誕生

  • 旅の情報交換ができる宿がおすすめ

  • 一期一会の出会いが楽しい


You can find some guesthouses and hostels that can give services in English at the Shimanami Kaido. As a starting point and a terminal point of travel, guesthouses in Imabari and Onomichi are particularly convenient.










尾道 Anago no nedoko 尾道の商店街にある昔ながらの町屋をリノベーションしたレトロなゲストハウス。名前の通り、正面からは想像できないほど奥に長~い作りで、廊下を通り抜ける時のワクワク感が堪らない。 2,900円 詳細
尾道 Fuji Hostel 海外の旅行者にも人気が高い尾道のゲストハウス。尾道の町の中心部にあるため、商店街や千光寺公園方面への尾道観光にも便利。サイクリングと尾道観光を両方楽しめる! 2,600円 詳細
向島 Onomichi PawPaw 尾道市街からも近い向島にあるアットホームな雰囲気のゲストハウス。「ポポー」とはオーナーさんの好きな北米原産のフルーツの名前♪ 3,300円 詳細
大三島 OHANA しまなみ海道を代表するパワースポット大山祇神社の近くのゲストハウス。2日間かけてしまなみ海道を縦断する方にもオススメ。 2,900円~ 詳細
今治 Namito Minato しまなみ海道の橋、来島海峡大橋から近い波方港の元フェリー乗り場をリノベーションしたゲストハウス。どの部屋からも瀬戸内海の絶景を眺めてのんびりと過ごせる♪ 2,600円 詳細
今治 Cyclonoie 今治の中心地にある今治駅前の立地が便利なゲストハウス。サイクリングの情報が非常に充実。周辺に飲食店や銭湯も多く、サイクリングだけじゃなく今治観光も楽しみたい人におすすめ。 2,900円 詳細


✔ Guesthouse focused on Shimanami Kaido Biking "Namito Minato" 

[PR] Guesthouse NAMITO MINATO is bicycle tourists friendly guesthouse with a view of the Seto Inland Sea. It 's located in Namikata port, Imabari city side of the Shimanami Kaido. We renovated the seaside building which had been used as "Namikata Ferry Terminal".  Beautiful sceanary of calm sea and islands with slowly coming and going ships will give you the experience of extraordinary life.


しまなみゲストハウス「なみトみなと」のイメージ写真1 しまなみゲストハウス「なみトみなと」のイメージ写真2 しまなみゲストハウス「なみトみなと」のイメージ写真3







Q. How to send luggage from Imabari to Onomichi? 


  • 1日で走破なら佐川の当日配送サービス

  • 2日以上ならヤマトや郵便の配送サービスも

  • 当日便が使える宿泊施設かどうかをチェック








 佐川急便「手ぶらサイクリング」HP > 








4. Ride Safely

Q. 自転車トラブルの予防策は? 




  • タイヤに空気がしっかり入っているか

  • ブレーキに不具合がないか

  • 試乗して変な音がしないか

  • サドルの高さはちょうどいいか

  • ライトはちゃんと点くか







Q. What should be careful? 





















5. Attractions・Gourmets

Q. What lunch place would be recommended? 


温暖な気候と豊かな漁場に恵まれた瀬戸内海・しまなみ海道エリアは、"海の幸" も "山の幸" も、ここでしか食べられない食材&グルメが盛りだくさん!島で食べるランチや晩ご飯は、自転車で頑張って走った自分へのご褒美です♪ しまなみ海道サイクリングで食べておくべきグルメをピックアップしてみました。








大島 能島水軍 宮窪町漁協が直営のレストラン。地魚がふんだんに載った海鮮丼スペシャルが贅沢♪ 地図
大三島 よし川 店内に生け簀もある地元の魚料理を食べられる食堂。海鮮丼は卵の黄身を溶くと美味い! 地図
大三島 大漁 約60種類の小皿がならぶ、行列必至の人気食堂。「全部のせ丼」はボリューム大。 地図



今治 潮里 大浜漁協の小さな食堂。鯛カツバーガーや鯛めし、鯛だしうどん等が気軽にいただける 地図
大島 島じゃこ天 土日祝限定。道の駅「いきいき館」に揚げたてじゃこ天の実演販売が登場。 地図
生口島 ちどり 名物のタコを使った御膳やアナゴ丼などを楽しめる老舗お食事処。耕三寺すぐそば。 地図
生口島 しま一 地元産の新鮮な刺身のタコや天ぷらがおいしい。ちょっと高いけどアナゴ丼も美味。 地図








因島 お好み 越智 長年使い続けた鉄板で焼くから油をひかなくても焦げない!目の前で焼き上げるわくわく感が堪りません♪ 地図
因島 お好み焼うえだ 真ん丸な形と味にこだわった地元の人気店。さっくりとした焼き上がりでミツワの半トンソースがよく合う! 地図








波方 十味鳥 今治名物の鉄板で焼き上げる「今治焼鳥」の専門店。ご近所の常連さんが多い地元の人気店。 地図
波方 いってもんてまんて 「なみトみなと」からも近い今治鉄板焼き鳥のあるガレージスタイルの居酒屋さん。地元常連でにぎわう。 地図





Q. ummy cakes or sweets? 








伯方島 伯方SCパーク 伯方島の道の駅の名物は「伯方の塩ソフトクリーム」。目の前のビーチでひと休み♪ 地図
大三島 リモーネ レモン農家さんのレモンリキュールショップ。可愛らしい店内にはレモングッズも。 地図
生口島 島ごころ 自転車の旅人が休憩できるスペースあり。名物レモンケーキを頬張り小休憩。 地図
生口島 ドルチェ いつも行列ができるしまなみ海道スイーツの大定番。どれにしようかとても迷う...。 地図
因島 はっさく屋 因島大橋を眺めながら人気の「はっさく大福」を。季節によってブドウ大福なども。 地図
向島 後藤鉱泉所 昔からの製法で昔の瓶を使って作るラムネやサイダー。瓶は貴重につき持帰り不可。 地図






Q. Cozy cafe or coffee shop in the Shimanami Kaido? 








今治 アポニー 今治のコーヒー好きが集まる街の自家焙煎コーヒー店。ネルドリップで一杯一杯丁寧に淹れた極上の一杯! 地図
大島 石のカフェ 大島特産の石「大島石」を大胆に使ったカフェ。牛すじカレーも人気。メインルート沿いにあり立寄りやすい。 地図
伯方島 Patisserie T's Cafe 玉屋 伯方島出身のパティシエ国貞さんのケーキカフェ。地元の果物を使ったケーキと美味しいコーヒーを。オーシャンビューも素晴らしい。 地図
大三島 オミシマコーヒー焙煎所 しまなみ海道で人気のコーヒー豆の焙煎所。古民家を改装したオシャレなカフェスペースでネルドリップのコーヒーを。 地図
大三島 大三島みんなの家 大山祇神社の参道にある昔、法務局だった建物をリノベしたカフェ。夜は大三島のワインバルに変身。 地図
大三島 大三島ブリュワリ― 島のクラフトビール醸造所。大三島に一泊するなら絶対に飲みたい絶品ビール!ボトルで量売りも。 地図
生口島 自転車カフェ&バー 汐待亭 瀬戸田のしおまち商店街にある古民家を再生したカフェ&バー。オーナーさんは自転車整備士。 地図








Q. Shower rooms or Onsen are available?  





エリア タイプ 場所 営業時間 料金 備考
今治 シャワー GIANTストア今治 9:00-19:00 400円 タオルレンタル込。レンタサイクル利用者は無料。
今治 シャワー シクロの家 15:00-21:30 400円 ボディソープ・シャンプー・タオルレンタル込。宿泊者無料。
今治 シャワー サンライズ糸山 8:00-17:00 100円 レンタサイクル利用者のみ。4-9月は20:00まで利用可。
今治 温泉 キスケの湯 今治駅前店 10:00-24:00 570円 JR今治駅近く。設備の充実した天然温泉スーパー銭湯。
大三島 シャワー 道の駅「御島」 8:30-17:00 200円 道の駅内の設備。
大三島 温泉 多々羅温泉 10:00-20:00 310円 多々羅大橋近くの天然温泉。
大三島 温浴 マーレ・グラッシア 10:00-20:30 500円 大三島宮浦にある海水温浴施設。
尾道 シャワー Onomichi U2 の道路側 7:00-21:30 100円/5分 Onomichi U2の北側の道路に面したコインシャワー。
尾道 銭湯 栗原温泉 15:00-21:00 430円 地元の銭湯。
尾道 銭湯 大栄湯 16:00-21:00 430円 地元の銭湯。








6. Ferry・Bus

Q. Which ferry route is convenient? 


しまなみ海道のサイクリングに便利な船の航路をピックアップしてみました。瀬戸内海の旅には船も似合います。クルージング気分も味わえますよ♪ それに万が一、体調不良や疲労・トラブル等で途中リタイヤする場合にも、利用できる航路を知っておくといいかもしれません。




今治⇔土生       今治と因島を結びます。大島・伯方島・上島町(ゆめしま海道)の島々にも寄港。土生港の乗り場は「中央桟橋」なので注意。自転車積載不可の便は要チェック。
今治⇔宗方 大崎上島の木江港行のフェリーや、とびしま海道の岡村港行の旅客船が、大三島の宗方港に寄港。大三島のミュージアムめぐりや、しまなみ海道ハーフライドに便利です。
フェリー      大三島ブルーライン
瀬戸田⇔尾道 1日7往復。瀬戸田港は瀬戸田観光案内所レンタサイクルターミナルからも近いです。しまなみ海道を半分だけ楽しむサイクリングプランによく使われます。
土生⇔三原 1日12往復している旅客船。片道40分。三原港から山陽新幹線(在来線)のJR三原駅までは徒歩5分。三原港には広島空港行きのリムジンバスも停まります。






Q. an I get any buses? 








① 直通のしまなみサイクルエクスプレス
② 因島大橋で路線バスに乗り換え













Bike Trip across the Seto inland sea, Shimanami-Kaido in Japan | CYCLONOIE | Vimeo (1:58)