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The most famous cycling road in Japan
FAQ of the Shimanami Kaido 70km Cycling

Even a beginner at cycling or a women alone, everyone can enjoy "Shimanami Kaido Cycling". You can get a lot of information about sightseeing, the distance between Imabari and Onomichi, how long it takes, the convenient bike rental system, the general plan, etc. on this website! We (a staff of the guest house "Namito Minato") are a local bicycle travel guide. If you have any question about it, please ask us. We will give you helpful tips for the Shimanami Kaido Cycling.



Guest house with a view of the sea

Cyclo cafe & book Hostel NAMITO MINATO

Namito Minato is the guest house organized for cyclists of the Shimanami Kaido. It's located near the entrance of the Shimanami Kaido. You can feel calm and relaxed with a view of the Seto Inland Sea. You'll definitely have a chill and cosy and extraordinary time here.

Shimanami Kaido Hostel Namito Minato


Listen carefully the sound of gentle waves...

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Updated: 6th.Oct.2019



A section line with the motif of Shimanami Kaido cycling




A section line with the motif of Shimanami Kaido cycling



1. Introduction

Q. What is the Shimanami Kaido? 


  • The most famous bicycle touring area in Japan

  • 80km cycling route across the Seto inland sea

  • A road is organized for cycling, the convenient rental bike service


the location of the Shimanami Kaido Cycling roads


The Shimanami Kaido is the most famous cycling touring place in Japan. It consists of 6 islands and 6 bridges from Imabari city to Onomichi city across the Seto inland sea. "Shimanami" means "range of islands (like a range of  mountains)" and "Kaido" means "seaside rode", so it is good expression of the feature of this place.


shimanami kaido cycling kirosan.JPG

Lots of islands and beautiful bridges


On the bridges, a rode is totally separated from a rodeway. And the road is maintained for cyclists. There is a "blue color line" on the road, It leads you to where you want to go. In addition, there is a map signage at some junctions in the Shimanami Kaido.


the map picture of the Shimanami kaido cycling route


Of courese you can rent a sport bike at both Imabari city (Ehime Pref.) and Onomichi city (Hiroshima Pref.). After the bike ride, you can return it at several bike terminals along the path.


Shimanami Kaido Cycling Shimanami Kaido Cycling2 Shimanami Kaido Cycling3

Some impressive scenes of the Shimanami Kaido Cycling


This cycling road, the Shimanami Kaido has been selected by CNN as one of the "7 best bike routes in the world" (2015). Wonderfully scenic islands, calm sea and magnificent bridges attract visitors from all over the world.





Q. Is it OK for a beginner? 


  • The easy route for a beginner

  • Covenient rental bike services

  • The blue line and Cycle Oasis


The Shimanami Kaido has lots of services that you can enjoy cycling safely. Until a few years ago, mostly people who have a cycling hobby (not a beginner) used to come the Shimanami Kaido. But here has been progressing development in recent years. So it's getting easier and more convenient for a beginner. It's very popular style to use the public rental bike that you can rent and return it in any islands.


the rental bike terminals map of the Shimanami Kaido

13 places of the rental bike terminal


We recommend to use the public rental bike which you can rent and return anywhere on the way! So there are free ways to use it such as "You rent a bike in Imabari and return it in Onomichi" or "return a bike on an island in the middle and move by bus afterward" or "If you want to go around only one island, you can. It's recommended to use the public rental bike. You will find out more about how to rent a bike in a later chapter.


In addition, on the "Shimanami Kaido" cycling route, there is a blue induction line <Blue Line> on the road. It indicates the distance and direction to the destination, so there is no need to worry about getting lost. Signs and maps are set up at some junctions where are easy to get lost.


Shimanami kaido Cycle Oasis and The blue lines

The blue line and the Cycle Oasis


Cyclists often ask us "Do you easily find any toilets on the way? ", actually you can use the toilets at a rest area called "Cycle Oasis" where local people volunteer other than public toilets or convenience stores. There're about 100 Cycle Oasis in this area! A lot of local restaurants, farmers and accommodations do that. Depending on the Cycle Oasis, you can have a free water and use a pump!


The Map of the "Cycle Oasis" and "Toso Resque"


In case of trouble, such as "the bike condition is strange" or "you have a flat tire", some local auto-repair-shops which belong to the volunteer group called "To-so Resque" will support you! In addition, recently a local company "WAKKA" have started the cycling support project such as a cycle-taxi and on-site repair service. If you have any troubles with your rental bike, please contact a rental bike terminal at first. They've been progressing development a system for emergency troubleshootig.




A section line with the motif of Shimanami Kaido cycling



2. Planning・Preparation

Q. 1 day trip is enough or not? For the Shimanami Kaido Cycling 


  • 70~80km on the shortest route from Imabari to Onomichi

  • 10km in 1 hour for beginners

  • Reccommend to spend 2~3 days


70 ~ 80km is the total distance of the main route. There're several ups and downs depending on the cycling route of the each island. And also, you need to climb up the slope at the each bridge, but luckily it's designed to be gentle enough to climb up.


Average distance and time for beginner rider

Average speed for a rental bike rider (a beginner) : 10 km / hour


We recommend that you spend at least 2 days in the Shimanami Kaido. Will enjoy both cycling and amazing scenery without worrying about a time, distance and speed.



✔Recommended Plan ①

2 days trip across the Shimanami Kaido


the map picture of the Shimanami kaido cycling route 1泊2日のサイクリングで余裕をもった計画を

If your purpose is not simply "riding", we recommend "spending 2 days or more" rather than 1 day. Not only the main route, sub routes (island explore routes) are maintained as cycling course on the each island in the Shimanami Kaido. The scenery of the sub route is also wonderful. A lot of bicycle travelers stay overnight at Omishima island or Ikuchijima island. Because it's almost the middle point.



✔Recommended Plan ②

Start without deciding on the goal point


Recommended Cycling Plan of the Shimanami Kaido2

Even if you have just only one day for this, you can still enjoy enough. How about starting at Imabari without deciding the finish line? you can take a bus or a ferry to Onomichi at some points along the Shimanami Kaido, so when you feel like tired and don't want to ride anymore, you can return the bike at a terminal where is close to bus stops or ferry ports and move to Onomichi. You can change your plans flexibly while riding.



<Some examples of itinerary>

Plan A: 2 days: You get a bike at JR Imabari Station then explore the Imabari city or the Namikata Peninsula. And stay overnight at Guesthouse "Namito Minato" →  Day 1: The first half of the Shimanami Kaido (40km). You stay at Guesthouse "Ohana" in Omishima. → Day 2: The second half (40km). Reach the goal JR Onomichi Station!

Plan B: 1 day: You stay at Guesthouse "Namito Minato" →  and next day, get a bike at "Sunrise Itoyama" rental bike terminal. Then start the Shimanami ride (45~50km). → Finish the bike ride at the 4th island, Ikuchi-jima island. And return the bike at Setoda rental bike terminal. → Take a ferry at Setoda port to go to Onomichi port.

Plan C: From Onomichi: You get a bike at Onomichi port. → Day 1: The first half of the Shimanami Kaido (30km). → You stay overnight at "Private Hostel Setoda" in Ikuchi-jima island → Day2: The second half (50km). Head to the Guesthouse "Namito Minato".  And stay overnight there, chill and relax with the view of calm sea!






Q. When is the best season to ride? 


  • Warm climate where you can enjoy cycling all year round

  • Various attractions depending on the season

  • Check the sunset time, specially in winter


The Seto Inland Sea area is relatively warm climate area throughout the year. Even in winter, we seldom have snow here. A lot of cyclists visit the Shimanami Kaido specially in spring and autumn, when the temperature is good. 


Seasonal and sunset time of citrus lemon on the Shimanami Kaido

The best season of citrus is winter, but the daytime is not so long


Ehime prefecture is the top producer of Iyokan oranges and the second producer of Mandarin oranges in Japan. Citrus flowers bloom in May. You can enjoy a smell like a jasmine throughout the island. And the best season of citrus is winter, from December to the beginning of May. If you'd like to try various kinds of citrus, you should come here in this season.


average precipitation in Shimanami kaido

*Created from data of the Japan Meteorological Agency website.


The Seto Inland Sea is known for an area where it doesn't rain much throughout the year. The middle of June to the beginning of July is the rainy season called "Tsuyu". It can be said that the climate is suitable for cycling all year round apart from special weather such as typhoons. we seldom have snow here in winter, and even if snow piles up in the morning, it'll melt in the daytime.


<Cycling in Summer>
Advantage:As the daytime is long from May to September, the times you can explore in the Shimanami Kaido will increase and you can make a plan with room for adjustment.
Disadvantage:You need ensure heat stroke and sunburn protection, because there're not many places has a roof.


<Cycling in Winter>
Advantage:The scenery of the islands is super beautiful because the air is clear in winter.
Disadvantage:You should check the sunset time in advance. There're not many outside lights. Riding after sunset is very dangerous, it's too dark.






Q. What dress should I put on for the bike ride? 


  • It's fine that you don't put on a serious bicycle wear

  • Let's get Sporty and Casual wear !

  • You really should wear a helmet


It's of course important to put on the moveable clothes for comfortable and safe cycling on the Shimanami Kaido. I think you don't have to buy a serious bicycle wear, Sporty and Casual wear is enough.


Clothing for cycling along the Shimanami Kaido

The springy clothes of the Shimanami Kaido cyclists: April


You can get a helmet with a bike for the Shimanami Kaido cycling. You really should wear a helmet for safety. In addition, sports bicycles have exposed gear and chains, so please be careful not to wound in the hem of long pants. It's safer to use a hem band for cycling or wear something like spats.


temperature of the Shimanami kaido imabari

*Created from data of the Japan Meteorological Agency website.


The graph shows the monthly average temperature of the Shimanami Kaido area (Imabari City). Gray shading represents the temperature range between daily high and low temperatures. The climate is warm and comfortable all year round.


<Summer clothes>
The cycling wear which has quick-drying material is better than cotton one. You should bring a sun cream. Short pants or tank tops are not good.


<Autumn ~ Spring clothes>
Wearing Heat-retaining or highly breathable material is the best. Let's choose the inner according to the weather and temperature. The jacket is no need because you'll be sweaty.


<Useful stuffs>

Saddle covers:that can be used for a saddle. You can get it at bicycle stores or on the internet. It Reduces buttock pain from long rides. It is cheaper than cycle pants.

Groves for cyclingIt reduces hand pain from long rides. Something has a pad or thick one on the palm side is good.  Let's wear a long covering to your wrist to avoid sunburn.

Chuck type's plastic bagFor waterproofing measures of a phone or wallet.






Q. How to hire a rental bike in the Shimanami kaido? 


  • Recommend the public rental bike

  • Sport comfort bike which can easily go up a slope

  • You can rent it for about 1,000 Yen / a day


The public rental bike can be abandoned at 13 terminals in the Shimanami Kaido. You can enjoy cycling according to your physical strength. To make it easier to over hills, Sport bikes called a Cross bike and a Mountain bike with multiple transmission gears are much better than a City bike which is called Mamachari.


how to get the rental bicycles in the Shimanami kaido

The public rental bike is useful at reasonable price


The public rental bike can be hired for about 1,000 Yen per a day. In addition, you need to pay 1,100 Yen for the deposit. It's refunded only if you return it to the same terminal or terminal within the same island. In other words, it's like "The deposit = Bike abandoned charge".


the rental bike terminals map of the Shimanami Kaido

13 rental bike terminals in the Shimanami Kaido

*Google Map of the terminals > Map


Usually you can have a reservation for a rental bike except in the busy season or in an event day. There is a limited number of pre-reserved bikes, so basically It's a system to get on a first-come, first-served basis. If you want to reserve for it in Imabari, Ehime side, please call to the Rental bike Terminal "Sunrise Itoyama". And If you want to do it in Onomichi, Hiroshima side, please call to "Shinamimi Japan".


【Imabari】Sunrise Itoyama

2-8-1 Sunaba-cho, Imabari, Ehime 
TEL 0898-41-3196  

【Onomichi】Shimanami Japan

11-9 Higashigosho-cho, Onomichi,Hiroshima
TEL 0848-22-3911


In addition, you can also rent an electric bike depending on the terminal. But there is a restriction such as "you can not abandon it" and also "within 6 hours due to the battery". For example, it can be used as you go cycling to Oshima and back for a couple hours.


The location of Namito Minato and Sunrise Itoyama

The guest house "Namito Minato" is close to the entrance of the Shimanami Kaido and also to the Central Rental bike Terminal "Sunrise Itoyama". It's convenient the bus runs about once a hour. Here is the timetable from the "Tamau Hachiman Jinjya-mae" bus stop in front of our guesthouse to the "Koen-mae" bus stop closest to Sunrise Itoyama.

Bus stop Namikata Loop Line ⑤Imabari - Obe - Namikata - Imabari via Watashiba
Tamau Hachiman Jinjya mae
7:58 9:02 10:54 12:54 14:54 16:54 18:54
Koen mae 8:04 9:08 11:00 13:00 15:00 17:00 19:00
↓ 10 min walk
Rental bike terminal Sunrise Itoama

Please take the bus: Namikata Loop Line ⑤Imabari - Obe - Namikata - Imabari via Watashiba.


It's also fun to take a ferry to Umajima island enjoy the trip on the cruise from Hashihama Port to Umashima port if you have already got the rental bike or your own bike. You can go up with your bike to the Kurushima Kaikyo bridge by elevator from Umashima island.


<2 options to hire the bikes from Namito Minato: Imabari side>

A Central rental bike terminal "Sunrise Itoyama" 5 min Bus and 10 min walk from Namito Minato ・Many types and numbers of bikes
・Close to first bridge
B JR Imabari station temporary rental bike terminal 40 min Bike from JR Imabari station to Namito Minato ・You can enjoy Imabari city
・Close to JR station


<2 options to hire the bikes at Onomichi city: Hiroshima side>

 Teminal (or shop)AccessAdvantage
A Onomichi port rental bike terminal 5 min walk from JR Onomichi station ・Many types and numbers of bikes
・Close to JR station


Bike shop「Red Bicycles Onomichi」※ 10 min walk from JR Onomichi station ・Reasonable price but good roadbikes

※You can not drop it at Imabari side.






Q. Which route is the best for cycling beginners? 


  • We made a cycling route map for beginners

  • Beware of the advanced routes which is a lot of climes.

  • The map of paper is convenient for the plan!


The shortest cycling route called "main route" and some other routes of each islands are provided. Even if you are a beginner and if it is a two-days trip, I think it is possible to extend the route. I mean not only on the main route. But you must check the routes in advance because it maybe an advanced route which is a lot of climes on it. We've made a cycling map that is for beginners.


Recommended Route The best route for the first time. Of courese you have several options for which route to take.
Good Spots The places to visit and scenic places I recommend. It's special information not listed in any guidebooks.
Lunch / Cafe We picked up the restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy the atmosphere of the island.
Accommodation Recommended hostels and guesthouses in the Shimanami Kaido area.
Rental Bike The Rental Bike Terminals in the Shimanami Kaido.
Public Lavatory
The public lavatories are available on the way even if it is a remote road.

※Click the lines and icons for more information.


【How to use Google My Maps】

This map is available in Google Maps app on your phone or tablet, if you are logged in with the same account in the browser and the Google Maps app.

 1.Click the ★star next to the upper map title(☆⇒
 2.Open the Google Maps app on your phone
 3.Click " ≡ " at the upper left
 4.My Places > Maps > Shimanami-Kaido cycling route

  Detailed usage is here ≫  




Shimanami kaido cycling FAQ



3. Accommodations・Luggage transport

Q. Which accommodations are good for cyclists? 


  • There is a lot of guest house and Air B&B in the Shimanami Kaido

  • Recommend an accommodation which you can get more travel informations

  • Once-in-a-lifetime encounter on your journey


You can find the guest house and hostel which have English services. The guesthouse is particularly convenient as a starting point or ending point of bike trips.



People stay in "Namito Minato" and start cycling from here often stay in one of the guesthouse on the map the next day.  All of the guesthouse is so unique. Some guest house have a Female Only Dormitory as well. And some owners speak English well.


Very recommend to stay in somewhere on the islands for a couple days and leisurely slowly go cycling! If you can afford it, please stay for a long time. Let's deeply explore the Shimanami Kaido!



< A list of the Guest house and Air B&B in the Shimanami Kaido >

Onomichi Anago no nedoko A nostalgic and retro designed guesthouse located in the shopping street. It's a long building that can't be imagined from the front, and you can't help being excited when I go through the corridor. 2,900yen~ HP
Onomichi Fuji Hostel It's very popular with foreigners. Because it's located in the center of Onomichi town, so very convenient for Onomichi sightseeing. Let's enjoy both cycling and exploring Onomichi!


Onomichi YADO CURLY It''s built by DIY while various people participate. They have a cafe the name is Chai Salon Dragon.


Mukaishima Onomichi PawPaw It's located in Mukaishima-island where is the first island from Onomichi. It's a very at-home atmosphere and popular with travelers for a comfortable stay. "Pawpaw" is the owner's favorite fruit name.♪ 3,300yen~ HP
Mukaishima Gamigami It's located in the east of Mukaishima-island. The ocean view is amazing, the owner is very friendly and helpful. 3,500yen~ HP
Sashima Shiomi House It's located in Sashima-island. It's the guest house that has renovated with the big hope of local people. Totally real japanese style. Really reccommend to visit and feel real japanese taste.
4,000yen~ HP
Omishima OHANA This guesthouse is located near the "Oyamazumi Shrine". It's almost half point of the Shimanami Kaido. The Owners make an original organic and eco's things. Good for souvenir. 2,900yen~ HP
Imabari Namito Minato This guest house used to be a ferry terminal of Namikata Port before It's located near the Kurushima-Kaikyo Bridge. You can enjoy the wonderful view of the Seto Inland Sea from all of rooms. 2,600yen~ HP
Imabari Cyclonoie This guesthouse is conveniently located in front of JR Imabari Station. There is a lot of restaurant and public bath nearby. Recommended for people who want to enjoy exploring Imabari sightseeing as well as cycling. 2,900yen~ HP


✔ Guesthouse focused on Shimanami Kaido Cycling "Namito Minato" 

[PR] You can spend a chill and cosy time with a view of the Seto inland sea at NAMITO MINATO. It's located at Namikata port where is in the Imabari city. We've renovated the building which used to be a ferry terminal before.  You can see beautiful views... a calm sea, a lot of island, and ships which are slowly slowly moving. Feel an extraordinary times.


Shimanami Kaido Hostel namito minato Shimanami Kaido Hostel namito minato2 Shimanami Kaido Hostel namito minato3







Q. How to send luggage from Imabari to Onomichi? 


  • Sagawa's Same-day luggage delivery service

  • The normal transport with Yamato or Japan Post is for someone takes more than 2 days to cross the Shimanami Kaido

  • Need to check your accommodation can be used Sagawa's service or not


In the Shimanami Kaido, Sagawa offers a Same-day luggage delivery service between Imabari and Onomichi accommodation facilities. If you plan to go cycling the Shimanami Kaido in a day, this service is useful. But you need to check if the hotel is on the list of the Sagawa Express website. Of courese our guesthouse Namito Minato is on the list.


How to send luggage from Imabari to Onomichi?


People who take 2 days to cross the Shimanami Kaido usually send big bags to Onomichi (or Imiabari) with Yamato or Japan Post in advance. And you can pick the luggage up at Onomichi (or Imiabari) the next morning.


 Sagawa「Hands-Free Cycling service」HP > 





Shimanami Kaido cycling FAQ



4. Ride Safely

Q. What should I check before the ride? 


In order to enjoy the Shimanami Kaido cycling without accidents and troubles, it's important to check a bicycle condition in advance. Specially the public rental bike, you definitely should check the following items.


  • Proper air pressure of front and rear tires

  • Accurate actuation of the brakes

  • Presence of abnormal noise (when you ride)

  • Proper height and angle of the saddle

  • The front light turn on well


A bicycle is a buddy travels together all day long. Troubles might happen such as a puncture, you can reduce the risk by checking.





Q. What should be careful? 


I've listed three things should be careful for a safe cycling.


For safe and enjoyable cycling in Shimanami Kaido

For a safe and enjoyable cycling


①.Left, keep the left

A cyclist must basically keep to the left side on roadwaysIf there is no bicycle lane, you will have to ride along with the flow of vehicle traffic. it's possible for you to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk if there is a road sign or other signpost indicating to do so. And on some bridges, you must share with motorbikes, pedestrians and cars. And sometimes high-speed road bikers and rental bike travelers are on the same narrow way. If you are two or more, please make a line instead of side by side.


②.Don't work too hard on hills

You should shift to an easier gear on hills (climes). Or I think it's also a good idea to get the bike off and walk up. It's a long way so don't work too hard. And on the other hand, please be careful of the downhill. A serious accident is always happened when yo go downhill.


③.Park your bike in a safe place

One of the attraction of a bicycle trip is you can stop immediately to take photos or something when you see nice view. But, there are many places where the road width is narrow such as the top of a bridge or an approach road, at the superb view point of the Shimanami Kaido. And also, there are places with poor prospects such as near the pillars of the Kurushima-Kaikyo bridges and sharp curves. Secure your safety and park your bike in a large area before taking photos.




Shimanami Kaido Cycling FAQ



5. Attractions・Gourmets

Q. What lunch place would be recommended? 


Around the Seto Inland Sea / Shimanami Kaido area where is blessed with a mild climate and rich fishing grounds, you can have a lot of delicious food. The morment have a lunch at a nice café or restaurant will be one of  the best memories. I picked up the gourmet that you should have in the Shimanami Kaido.


✔Super fresh seafood in the Seto Inland Sea

If you have a chance to visit the Shimanami Kaido, you should definitely eat super fresh seafood. A red sea bream (we call it Tai) and young yellowtail (Hamachi), squid (Ika), octopus (Tako) and shrimp (Ebi)....they're not like a fish in the Pacific Ocean or the Japan Sea. it's a special. So just try it!

Super fresh seafood in the Seto Inland Sea Shimanami Kaido

Of course the best recommendation is Sashimi. If you can eat a raw fish, should try it. If you order KAISEN-DON( it's a rice dish with Sashimi), you'll definitely enjoy lots of types of fish. And also reccommend to have a fish burger using fish products like a fried fish.


<Good KAISEN-DON restaurants>

Oshima Noshima-Suigun A restaurant run by a local fisherman cooperative. It's right in front of the Murakami Pirate Museum. "KAISENDON special" (around 2000 yen) is absolutely fantastic! MAP
Omishima Restaurant Yoshikawa A local's favorite restaurant. They have many dishes on the menu. "KAISEN-DON using local fish with an egg is amazing. MAP
Omishimia Tairyo It's a small restaurant but very popular with tourists. You will probably have to line up to enter the restaurant. You can eat a variety of regional dishes and seafood rice bowl. MAP


<Other recommendations>

Imabari Shiori A small restaurant run by fisherman's wifves. Fish burger wich is cooked rice and udon noodle with sea breams (Tai) is delicious. MAP
Oshima Roadside station Ikiiki-Kan Roadside station is the rest house located in the open roads equipped with rest rooms, restaurants and souvenir shops selling local products. And I Super reccommend to have "Seafood BBQ"! You can have it with the beautiful view of the bridge and sea. MAP
Ikuchijima Chidori A long-established restaurant which you can have local dishes using local famous products an octopus(Tako) and sea eel(Anago). Located in front of the Kosanji Temple. MAP
Ikuchijima Shimaichi Local fresh octopus sashimi and tempura are funtastic. MAP



✔In-oko (Innoshima Okonomiyaki)

Okonomiyaki (Japanese style pizza) is very popular in Innoshima island. We call it "In-oko".

The image of In-oko (Innoshima Okonomiyaki)

There are about 30 "In-oko" restaurants in Habu area. Habu area is a town where shipbuilding is prosperous. Some people say there were more than 50 "In-oko" restaurants at its peak. In-oko has Udon (thick Japanese noodles) to make shipbuilders full. They're always hungry.


Innoshima Okonomi OCHI A small okonomiyaki restaurant. The iron plate has been used for a long time can be grilled okonomiyaki cleanly without using oil. MAP
Innoshima Ueda A popular local okonomiyaki restaurant. The crisp texture and special sauce, it's just amazing. MAP



✔Imabari Yakitori (Grilled chicken)

Yakitori is the famous dish in Imabari where is the entrance of Shimanami Kaido.


Imabari's "Yakitori" is different from general one. We sandwich a chiken between iron plates. Iron-plate cooking is Imabari style . An Onion, lotus root and green pepper etc. are also grilled on the iron plate. I comes with a sweet and spicy sauce baced on soy sauce.


Imabari Toribayashi Super famous restaurant. It's always full of tourists and local people. MAP
Imabari Shinmidori This restaurant is easy to enter even for large groups. It's very retro. You have to eat "Torimeshi" (A chicken skin grilled with eggs is placed on the rice and there is a sweet and spicy sause and plenty of seaweed) at the end of the meal. It's amazing. MAP
Namikata Tomidori This restaurant is very retro, totally a japanese style. They also have a delicious and fresh seafood menu. It's not far from the guest house. MAP
Namikata Mante This is a local japanese pub located near the guest house. "Tori-ninniku" (A chicken skin with a garlic) is very nice. MAP





Q. A yummy cake and sweets in the Shimanami Kaido? 


Sweets with citrus fruits is necessary for the Shimanami Ride. Sweet and delicious things are important as a supplement for recovering your physical fitness. You really should have some Shimanami Sweets! Let's go for a Shimanami sweets!


A yummy cake and sweets in the Shimanami Kaido


"Hassaku Daifuku" in Hassakuya store is very popular among cyclists. It's a rice cake stuffed with Hassaku that produced a lot in Innoshima(Limited time product). You can also enjoy some other Daifuku using different citrus fruits. And a gelato specialty store "Dolce" is like a dream. You choose from many different flavors, Italian gelato with citrus fruits ... an icecream with Hakata‐Island's salt .... special lemon gelato made by lemon farmers in Omishima.


Hakatajima Hakata SC Park You have to try "Hakata-no-shio ice cream". It's an ice cream with salt. Absolutely nice. And chill on the beach... MAP
Omishima Omishima Limone Lemon liqueur shop run by a local lemon farmer. They have nice sweets using lemon and a lot of miscellaneous goods related to citrus. MAP
Ikuchijima Shimagokoro A lemon cake is very famous. There is a nice space that you can take a rest in the store. Drink a coffee with the cake, this is perfect. MAP
Ikuchijima Dolce An Italian gelato with a variety of local citrus fruits is fantastic! You should try it on the terrace with a view of the sea. MAP
Innoshima Hassakuya A famous store for Hassaku Daifuku. There're also some other Daifuku using different citrus fruits. MAP
Mukaishima Goto soda-pop factory A small soda factory where you can drink a ramune made in a traditional way. The bottle is so valuable, you can not bring it home. MAP






Q. A cozy cafe and coffee shop in the Shimanami Kaido? 


Recently, many new cafe and coffee shops have opened in the Shimanami Kaido. You'll have a wonderful time with the superb view of the Seto Inland Sea, and of course with a special coffee and cake. Explore in the Shimanami Kaido and find your best cafe!.


Image of cafe and coffee shop in the Shimanami kaido


Many migrants from the city live in the Shimanami Kaido. They really enjoy this island life. A little off the main route, you will discover a lot of the island's attractions. 


Imabari Coffee Apony Home-roasted coffee shop where Imabari's coffee lovers gather. We use the nel drop method for brewing coffee. It's a refined taste. MAP
Oshima Ishino Cafe A cafe with the motif of the Oshima specialty "Oshima Stone". It's along the main route so good for a break. MAP
Hakatajima Patisserie T's Cafe A cake cafe run by a patissier from Hakatajima Island. Have a cup of coffee with a cake using local fruits. You can relax with a beautiful sea view. MAP
Omishima Omishima Coffee Roastery A popular coffee bean roasting place in the Shimanami Kaido. You can have the nel drip coffee in a stylish cafe space renovated from an old house. MAP
Omishima Minnanoie A cafe renovated from an old building. It turns into a wine bar at night. MAP
Omishima Omishima Brewery Craft beer brewery in Omishima island. it's worth staying overnight in Omishima because of this special beer. MAP
Ikuchijima Siomachitei An old house cafe and bar in the Shiomachi shopping street. The owner is a bicycle mechanic. MAP








Q. A shower and Onsen is available?  


There are some places where you can take a shower and hot spring in the Shimanami Kaido area. I put together some useful hot spring and shower informations as below.



Area Type Name Opening Time Fee Comment
Imabari Shower CYCLONOIE 15:00-21:00 400 yen Body soap, shampoo and a towel rental included. It's free for guests.
Imabari Shower Sunrise ITOYAMA 8:00-17:00 100 yen Rental cycle users only.
Imabari Onsen KISUKE-NO-YU
6:00-24:00 600 yen~ Near the JR Imabari Station. This is a natural hot spring. Body soap, shampoo
Omishima Shower Road park MISHIMA 8:30-17:00 200 yen It's equipped in the road station. (reservation requierd)
Omishima Public Bath Mare Glassia
10:00-20:00 510 yen Public bath using seawater.
Onomichi Shower Onomichi U2  7:00-21:30 100 yen / 5 min Coin shower on the north side of Onomichi U2.
Onomichi Public Bath Kurihara 15:00-21:00 430 yen Local public bath.
Onomichi Public Bath Daieiyu 16:00-21:00 430 yen Local public bath.


※Please contact each facility for the latest information.



Shimanami Kaido Cycling FAQ



6. Ferry・Bus

Q. Which ferry route is convenient? 


I pick up some convenient ferry routes in the Shimanami area. It's also good idea to use a ferry on your bike journey. Even if you want to retire on the way due to poor health, fatigue, trouble, etc., there are some ways to help you such as ferrys or buses. It's good to know in advance.


Ferry route map in the Shimanami kaido


Imabari⇔Habu       It goes to Oshima, Hakatajima and some other islands in the Kamijima area. Please be careful with the pier at Habu Port. It arrives at "Central Pier", not "Nagasaki Pier". And some ships can not carry bicycles. This is very important.
Geiyo Kisen >
Imabari⇔Munakata It's convenient for somebody who wants to visit some museums in Omishima island. But some ships can not carry bicycles. This is very important.
Ferry      Omishima Blue Line >
Imabari City Ferry >
Setoda⇔Onomichi Setoda Port is close to the public rental bike terminal. It'll be convenient if you want to cycle only half of the Shimanami Kaido.
Setouchi Cruising >
Habu⇔Mihara Mihara Port is a 5 min walk from JR Mihara Station on the Sanyo Shinkansen. A bus goes to Hiroshima Airport stops at Mihara Port.
Habu Shosen >






Q. Any convenient buses running between Imabari and Onomichi? 


A bus is also covenient for the Shimanami bike ride. This is one of the most important transportation for people live in the islands. In addition to a local bus runs around the each islands, the express bus also runs between Imabari and Onomichi (The bus which directly goes to Onomichi or Imabari is only on the weekend and holiday). I pick up some covenient bus routes in the Shimanami area as below. 


Bus route map in the Shimanami Kaido


✔The bus goes to Omishima from Imabari frequently runs
It comes about every 30 minutes or 1 hour. The bus stop "Oyamazumi Jinjya-Mae", "Omishima BS" and "Hakatajima BS" are close to the public rental bike terminal. So you can easily find a bus stop after returning the bike. 


✔How to move Imabari-Onomichi by bus?
There are 2 options to cross the Shimanami Kaido by bus from Imabari to Onomichi.
1.  Shimanami Cycle Express Bus
2.  Shimanami Liner + Local bus
The Shimanami Cycle Express Bus runs only on the weekend and holiday. It directly goes to Onomichi (or Imabari). The another way "Shimanami Liner" runs everyday. But it goes to Fukuyama, so you need to change the bus at Innoshima-Ohashi bus stop. And take the local bus which goes to Onomichi from there, then you can make it to Onomichi!




Shimanami Kaido Cycling Image



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