The entrance of the Shimanami Kaido, the small village Namikata.
The shipping and shipbuilding industry has been prosperous since ancient times in this village.


✔Minato = Ferry Port 

In 1963, the "Chugoku-Shikoku Ferry" connecting Namikata Port and Takehara Port (Hiroshima pref.) started operation. It became one of the extremely popular routes  in 1996, and then the number of vehicles used reaches 220,000. The Namikata Port was exactly the entrance of Shikoku. However after the Shimanami Kaido was built, the situation has changed. In 2009 the route was abolished and only the terminal building was left.


Namito Minato was a Shimanami kaido ferry port



✔Reborn as the base of the cycling

CYCLONOIE's staff renovated this Ferry Port Office as the guesthouse "NAMITO MINATO". It has an adjoining cafe  "Cyclo Cafe", which provides some original drinks, curry and pizza with the local ingredients. We started making the base of the Shimanami Kaido bicycle trip as "Cycle Oasis".


ゲストハウス「なみトみなと」の外観写真 シクロカフェや談話室の写真 波方のランニングバイク選手権やアクティビティ


Several times a year, we hold events such as the fun-races of mini-bikes for children, the guided sea kayaking touring in magnificent Seto Inland Sea and the guided cycling rour to explore local places from here. The NAMITO MINATO is not only the base of the Shimanami Kaido cycling but also the base of outdoor activities and tasting the local atmosphere.



✔The best place of the bike touring in Japan

The Namito Minato is located in the place connected the Shimanami Kaido with the Hamakaze Kaido; from Imabari to Dogo Onsen. The Shimanami Kaido is the most famous bikeway in Japan and it  consists of 6 islands and 6 bridges. And the Hamakaze Kaido is also good cycling route aling the coast line to Matsuyama city. You can enjoy cycling more longer.


Shimanami Kaido CYCLING Trip


The beauty of a flaming sunset is indescribable, and the breathtaking twilight gradation...... There are a lot of beautiful sunset locations, the cape Osuminohana, Kamoike Beach and Shimegaura Beach in Namikata Peninsula. And the sunrise is also picturesque. The hazy scenery the boundary between the island and the sea is almost like a Japanese painting.


Sunrise and sunset of Shimanami Kaido


Please stay our hostel and explore local places not generally known, but very beautiful places.


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