From a small port town named Namikata, the starting area of the Shimanami Kaido.
The NAMITO MINATO is bicycle tourists friendly guesthouse with a view of the Seto Inland Sea.



✔ Guesthouse focused on Shimanami Kaido Biking

Here is Namikata town, Imabari city, the entrance of the Shimanami Kaido known as the most famous cycling road in Japan. You will have "freedom" experiece and find real life of small fishermans villages in the countryside of Japan.


Shimanami Kaido Guesthouse Namito Minato Shimanami Kaido Guesthouse Namito Minato Shimanami Kaido Guesthouse Namito Minato



✔ Cozy and confortable staying

We have opened "Shimanami Guesthouse CYCLONOIE" in front of JR Imabari Station since 2014.  CYCLONOIE's concepts were "the base of Shimanami Kaido Cycling", "experiencing Imabari's unique cultures" and "the most convenient location". Next, we want to make another guesthouse spending more relaxing time with confortable sounds of the sea.......


shimanami guesthouse cyclonoie to namito minato



✔ Listen carefully the sounds of gentle waves

CYCLONOIE's sister guesthouse NAMITO MINATO is located in Namikata port. We renovated the seaside building which had been used as "Namikata Ferry Terminal".  Beautiful sceanary of calm sea and islands with slowly coming and going ships will give you the experience of extraordinary life.


Shimanami Kaido Cycling Base Namito Minato


"Namito Minato" means "Waves and Harbor" in Japanese........ Please enjoy Shimanami Kaido Cycling, and stay NAMITO MINATO in the small village of "Waves and Harbor".